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Our Process

We work with our clients intimately. We go through a series of steps to insure that each stage of the website development is according to the customer expectations. A brief review of our development life cycle is as following:

Step 1. Concept review: In this stage the customer completes a full questionnaire describing the need for their web presence. Additionally, customer selects the site features to be included on the proposed site. We also get engaged with the customer suggesting full options available to them and we develop a site blue print to be further explored in the next steps.

Step 2. Proposal: Based on the questionnaire in step 1 and the profile we built on customers web presence we prepare a preliminary proposal with cost and time estimates.

Step 3. Strategy building: We work with the customer to develop the strategy on the implementation of the website development project. This step is crucial as we closely focus on achieving the true goals of the customer's website presence (example, corporate presence, store front, product offering, customer support, service etc).

Step 4. Design Phase: Our graphic artists get engaged with the customer to craft the best viable option for the design. Special care is given to the aesthetics such as the color scheme to match the company's corporate site. All in all pragmatic approach is always kept in mind. As a general rule, the site has to be fast, clean and professional while reflecting the corporate image of the company.

Step 5. Implementation: The graphic designer hand off the site design to the programmer who then start the coding and programming process. This usually is the longest period in the site development cycle and take as little as a few weeks to months depending on the complexity of the process.

Step 6. Customer Review: A demo is presented to the customer during the coding process. This allows us to make any adjustments to the implementation based on customer's feedback.

Step 7. Testing: We insure that all features of the site are completely working. Furthermore, testing is done to make sure that the site is working on all browsers including Internet Explorer, Netscape, America Online etc.

Step 9. Launch and Stage: The site is finally stage live after the customer approves it. We monitor the activity for a mutually accepted time period.


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